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Complexity Rebrand

Complexity Rebranding

Major announcement from Complexity. We're launching a massive shift as we adopt our new strategy, brand manifesto and our new logo. More than a rebrand, our shift brings us closer to our sister team in the Dallas Cowboys, our role in the Frisco community and our commitment to the esports and gaming community at large. Introducing the new Complexity.




We are Players first, and Players always.

We defy the odds with passion and dispel stereotrypes with integrity.

We are fearless, adventurous, defiant and unstoppable.

We are the pioneers of next. We are the future they're afraid of. We are the wave they can't escape. We belong to a complex generation raised and nurtured by the Game.

We exist for the Players. The fans. The innovators. The rebels. The outliners.

This is our movement. Our culture. Our time.

This is our Game.